Common Mistakes Individuals Have On Resumes

Regardless what particular field or what a candidate is making an application for I see the very same common mistakes daily. Here are some that I should talk about and can’t be ignored any longer.

1. Don’t misspell the Agency Name or put the wrong company name on the cover letter. – Resume cover letters are fantastic. They explain why you are applying for the work and why you are the best fit.

Cover letters also provide you, the applicant a way to explain bumps in your career history. But as an applicant please check out the business name listed on your cover letter.

Daily, I find cover letters composed to the wrong firm or with the firm name misspelled. Remember to examine your resume cover letter before sending. This is the first impact that we have of you so make it a good one.

2. Don’t send a Task Resume – Resumes that tell me the tasks of your recent or very last job versus what you accomplished. Many resumes state, Responsible for “x”, or a laundry list of position tasks.

While that helps me to know what precisely you were hired to do at your last job, it doesn’t inform what you attained or what you could perform if we appointed you at our company. For example: You might have stated, “Responsible for the sale of XYZ product.”

Instead you can say, “Grew sales of XYZ product by “x” amount in a 10 month period”. Maybe you don’t feel like you achieved much at your last job. Trust me you did, simply because everybody does!

3. Don’t give the Same Resume for each and every job. Sending a resume that does not tell me that you fit the job you are submitting an application too. Applicants usually tend to give the same resume to each work they submit an application for.

That method works if the jobs you are looking for are identical and require the exact same basic credentials, but they don’t. Prior to deciding to submit your resume, review the job description and basic skills.

Make certain that your resume illustrates how you fit that role. Take advantage of key phrases that are in the job description, in your resume to show off your match for the job.

I hope you loved these little ideas.

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