Five Tips To Help You Get A Job

Five Tips For Your Job Search

Try to settle down and aim to not move around too much. Often companies will not want to hire somebody who moves from job to job quickly as It can be a expensive business recruiting new people. If you have had to chop and change jobs a lot make sure you explain why clearly at the interview.

Make a long list of work related skills you’d love to possess, the interviewer will be interested in hearing about how you have the drive to better yourself. Think about the type of skills that will make you seem more indispensable to an employer. Some good skills to aim for are, becoming better public speaker, project management skills, advanced computer skills and team leading courses.

Cold calling companies that you are interested in is another great way to get yourself noticed. Find out who is in charge of the human resources division and phone them. Make sure you ask questions such as what the company ethos is and what they look for in employees.

Making sure your attitude is right can work wonders. Often there is a difference between wanting a job and needing a job and it is important to make a good first impression as well as to show the interviewer why you would make a positive difference to their company.

Above all make sure that you are fitting the job to your skills rather than trying to adjust yourself into fitting into the role you are applying for. Often people make the mistake of trying too hard to mold themselves into a job they are not suited to. If you are unsure then you will need to create a list of the skills you do possess and compare it against the skills that the job description states

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