How to Ace a Job Interview: 5 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first being those who are afraid of interviews and the second are those who are downright petrified by interviews. I know what you’re thinking. ”What about that Mr X, who can ace every single job interview? Which type is he?” Well, that charismatic Mr X is the former type. Confused?
Allow me to explain…

There is not a single person on earth who truly enjoys being interrogated, his or her ideals questioned and self-esteem manhandled by a group of elite members of a company or organization. It’s a nerve-wracking ordeal almost every one of us has or had to face during our lifetime. However, people like Mr X, know how to get past that fear and how to convince the board of judges that they are the real deal for the much desired dream job.

Now ask yourself the following question: “Are you so afraid of interviews that you freeze up at the very scenario of an interview room?”If the answer is yes, then you’re Mr Y, the second type. You may be more talented, more qualified and much more hardworking than Mr X; yet, time and time again you fail to ace the job interview and are not able to portray the person you really are in front of the people who potentially decide a huge part of your future. Maybe you have researched and spent endless hours on the internet trying to dig up any shortcuts or magical formulas to ace that next interview. But alas, you are still falling short of landing your dream job.

Do not fret as this is something that will surely help you out. Most of the Mr Ys out there do a few things right and a lot of things wrong. They cannot be blamed because it’s overwhelming to how much material there is on the internet about ways to ace your job interview. It’ll be much more effective and not to mention a great deal easier to go through the following 5 ways of turning your job interview into a success. They have been condensed from the most important information when it comes to interviews. So bear with us and get ready for some valuable insight into the ordeal that has been haunting you for so long.


1) Preparation:

These are some very important pointers to be kept in mind, while taking preparation for any interview:

  • If the organization you are interviewing for demands you to bring certain documents, like your CV, reference list, work portfolio, etc. have them prepared, organized and stored neatly in a file, beforehand.
  • Look up the company or the organization online and learn about a few unique things about them. The right knowledge goes a long way with the interviewers.
  • Analyze the core competency of the company and relate how you, with your unique skill-set can contribute to that. This will help you to answer several questions in the interview.
  • Ask a friend to take a mock interview. This will help you to realize potential mistakes and get additional practice.
  • Prior to going to the venue, do any sort of activity that relieves stress. This differs from person to person but some very helpful ones are: listening to music, stretching and breathing exercises.


2) Attention to your outfit :

Your attire is the first thing that the interviewers notice and people often undermine its significance. This is why it gets its own separate pointer. Wearing a well pressed shirt underneath an impeccably tailored suit not only looks good to the interviewers but also helps boost your confidence. Complement the formal look with a nice tie. For suits or blazers, choose a monochrome blue, black or gray. Match the shirt underneath with a light or dark color, whichever looks the best. Refer to the common sense, if for some reason you want to wear, perhaps a floral printed shirt, a velvet blazer or that wacky tie.


3) Punctuality:

The most important step to attaining that dream job is to be at the interview well ahead of time. Your nervousness increases exponentially when you get to the interview late or even just in the nick of time. We humans are fond of stability. Being early means you can sit, grab a drink and patiently wait your turn while thinking about the other factors that will help you ace your interview. Being late, means that stability has gone right out of the window. You are worried if it’s too late to sit for the interview. You’re probably sweating bullets because of the added pressure, your heart is pounding and your mind fogging up, preventing you from thinking clearly. Your chances of calmly and effectively answering crucial interview questions will most definitely be slimmed. So, put getting to the venue early as your top priority. It’s common sense, really.


4) Behavior once in the room:

Greet the interviewer and ask for permission to sit. Once you are seated, maintain good posture and make direct eye contact with the person speaking to you. Listen to their questions carefully and only start answering when he or she is done talking. There is nothing ruder than interrupting someone mid sentence. Answer in your natural voice. Do not try to alter your voice so as to sound more confident. Talk in a soft yet clearly audible tone and speak with confidence. Express interest but not desperation. Remember that they invited you to the interview out of the many applicants because they already like you and think you might be a good fit for the company. Now it’s on you to seal the deal. At the end of it, irrespective of whatever happened in the interview room, leave with an expression of gratitude.


5) Answering the questions

It is through your answers that the interviewers are going to understand if you are the right fit for the company or not. So, take a deep breath and think before you speak. Here are 5 ways to get you through the questions phase that you should take note of:

    • Listen carefully to what the interviewer is asking for and DO NOT jump to conclusions before hearing them out entirely. DO NOT answer in an aggressive or an undermining tone towards the interviewers.
    • While answering, do so calmly, clearly and cohesively. Taking a few seconds to answer a question is much better than a rushed answer where you pause and go at random as you don’t particularly know where you are going with your words.
    • “What’s your biggest strength?”
      You must avoid getting carried away with the creativity that these may induce within you. Answer in a manner that shows confidence but humility and room for improvement that will potentially come from working in the organization you are interviewing for.
    • “What’s your biggest weakness?”
      Don’t go overboard telling them your deepest darkest secrets and problems. But instead, opt for a weakness that you have acknowledged and are trying your best to mend. You should clearly mention how you are striving with your progress.
    • “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”
      Align your answer with one of your company’s long term goals. This will show that you are ambitious and goal oriented at the same time. Companies really like that.


Fear is the first obstacle you need to get past when it comes to achieving greatness and clinching that dream job. With the proper mindset, enough practice and these pointers in mind, as a Mr Y, you can finally upgrade yourself to become Mr X.

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